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NYC Central Park

Live, Laugh, Love
by Michelle Jones

copyright by michellejonesonline

Central Park, Manhattan, New York

My mother's great grandparents lived just a few blocks from this park in the early 1900's. Their parents were from England. Her other set of great grandparents lived across the bridge, in the Bronx. Their parents were from Germany and immigrated in the 1870's.

I imagine their lives were very different.

Until I started researching our family history in 2009, I never even knew we had family from New York. And since then, I have longed to visit the city. To see and be where they once were. It was wonderful.

I wonder what they would think of NYC now, and how much it's grown. But mostly, I wonder what it was like when they were there.

Until next time...

Live, Laugh, Love!

Michelle :o)

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