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You Are The Peanut To My Butter...

Thought For The Day
by Michelle Jones

michelle jones online

You are the...
peanut to my butter,
twinkle in my eye,
shake to my bake,
blue in my sky,
sprinkles on my sundae
flip to my flop,
bumble to my bee,
jewel on my crown,
milk to my shake,
spring in my step,
beat of my heart,
water to my ocean,
glaze on my donut,
milk to my cookie,
sweet in my dreams,
cheese to my macaroni,
best to my friend,
silver to my lining,
peas to my carrot,
ice to my cream,
happy to my ending,
bubble to my gum,
star to my burst,
milky to my way,
froot to my loops,
bacon to my eggs,
ketchup to my fries,
peanut butter to my jelly,
pop to my tart,
cinnamon to my sugar,
tree to my house...


Until next time...

Have a fabulously fantastic day!

Photo Source: michellejonesonline

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