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Two Elephants Reunited After 20 Years

Live, Laugh, Love
by Michelle Jones

Two elephants reunited after 20 years at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

This is one of the sweetest reunions you will ever see. Had to share!

"After two decades, two former circus elephants, Jenny and Shirley, are reunited at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. The reunion is a bittersweet moment for everyone involved. Watch to see the emotional encounter and response of the two friends." - KPBS

Can't help but think of how we will also be reunited with our loved ones in heaven someday. No more chains. Finally free.

Safely watch the video here, but get a tissue first.

Until next time...

Live, Laugh, Love!

Michelle :o)

Photo Source: KPBS - I made the photo from one of my favorite scenes in the video. The one they chose to feature is beautiful too.

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