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Thought For The Day
by Michelle Jones

Dear friends and family, today I'd like to take a few extra moments of your time to tell you about a wonderful charity for children fighting cancer. The charity delivers large plastic jars filled with small toys and fun items, called Joy Jars, to children with cancer or other life threatening illnesses. (Ages 0-18)

The foundation, NEGU (Never Ever Give Up), was started by 12-year-old Jessie Rees, while during her own 10-month battle with cancer she was able to go home from the hospital and wanted to help the children who had to stay. Jessie earned her angel wings in January of 2012 and her charity continues to spread joy to children in 50 states around the country. Spreading her message... NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

A message of hope that we share!!!

As a cancer survivor myself (age 19), I can tell you without a doubt, for a child to receive a Joy Jar like this during the most difficult time of their life, would be a simply amazing gift. To help out, become a monthly "Joy Squad" member, make a donation of any amount, purchase t-shirts or bracelets from their store, or, request a Joy Jars gift delivery for a sick child.

Never Ever Give Up - Joy Jars

And, they're also on Facebook

Have a fantastically wonderful day!

Until tomorrow...

Photo Source: NEGU

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