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Fire Safety: 1 Smoke Detector Could Have Saved 4 Small Children

Thought For The Day
by Michelle Jones

Install Smoke Detectors in Home

Fire Safety

Last Friday night a tragic house fire took the lives of 4 young children in nearby town, Conyers, Georgia. The 5-year old brother survived with injuries after the mother threw him out a second story window. The mother also survived with severe burns after trying to save the other children and then jumping out the window herself. The children were 8 months, 3, 7, and 9 years old.

Fire-Rescue reported the fire was located upstairs, where there were no smoke detectors. One smoke detector was located downstairs, but it had no battery. Official announcements made yesterday conclude that the fire was caused by the 5-year old playing with a lighter.

Our community continues to grieve for the Glass family and their tragic loss. The funeral is today.

Officials want to remind families of 4 important steps for fire safety in the home:

* Smoke Detectors (if you cannot afford one, contact your local fire department, they may be able to provide one to you for free)
* Fire Extinguishers
* Exit Drills (have two ways out)
* Teaching Children Fire Safety

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