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Shopping Online

Thought For The Day
by Michelle Jones

While at the store yesterday I had a brief conversation with an older couple that left me completely speechless. 

We were standing together near the register while the clerk was helping the couple order an item online because it was out of stock. They needed a particular brand of highchair, in purple, for their daughter. The clerk was very helpful and the order was almost complete.

Then the wife turned and said to me, "We don't own a computer, but it seems like everyone else does." I smiled, nodded my head, and replied, "Yes, they pretty much do." Then, the husband, with a heavy scowl on his brow and gruff disgust in his voice, turned to me and said, "That's the worse thing they ever did, computers and cell phones. Worse thing they ever did!" 

Just a bit of irony, as the clerk finished their order. Online.


Photo Source: Clipart

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